Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Me again :)

Hi there. here is a bit of info . I am an active person and I have worked out regularly for most of my life . I love good food and good entertainment. I like to travel and to meet new people. I am self employed and have been fortunate enough to like what I do. I do like change and I am willing to try new things. I have just started kayaking and I am enjoying it quite a bit .I love living in Victoria, there are no back seat bangers here!. My picture is from last winter, but I will post something current,shortly. I am a grandma and I enjoy if far better than motherhood. If you have any questions please ask ...Bye for now ..

Thursday, September 6, 2007

What Is In a Name

What is in a name? What thoughts, images and sensations does a name conjure up in your mind? For me the word that is the title of this blog conjures up thoughts of light brown ale, the warm smell of brewing hops and frothy head of a glass poured by an expert. Yet for others it means other things.

For my son it might be a memory of a high school mate, for a pilot it could be the home of fixed wing aviation in one part of the vast United States and for you it is? What thoughts does it bring and are they thoughts worth keeping?